Treat your dog to some of the tastiest and healthiest treats, chews and supplements ever made for canine consumption! 



Tips and shortcuts to help you look after your dog in fun and easy ways.  Helping you give your pooch a longer, healthier, happier life.

The Woof Pack

What’s good about The Woof Pack?


1. Everything is Super Healthy…

There’s no artificial preservatives, no added colourants, sugars or chemicals in anything

2. Treats address common canine issues...

We’ve carefully selected our treats to address things like itchy skin, smelly breath and aching joints

3. Tons of variety…

Dogs LOVE and benefit from variety.  The Woof Pack has been designed to allow you to quickly and easily choose new flavours or try something new

4. Never run out of treats…

Your Woof Pack automatically renews so you never need to worry about running out of your dog’s treats


You’ll get freebies just for being a Woof Pack subscriber: free treats when you sign up, free entry to a monthly prize draw and free monthly BarkMail

6. Cancel anytime…

You are not contracted into The Woof Pack. You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

Perks of being a Woof Pack subscriber (FREEBIES!):

Two packs of Super Healthy treats FREE for every new subscriber (for a limited time only!)

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BarkMail containing doggy-inspired tips, yummy recipes and fun activities & games

The Mind.Body.Bowl Approach

I  believe that all dogs need mental stimulation – they want to learn!, they want a healthy body that’s fit and well, and they want a healthy diet containing the right nutrients.  That’s what I call Mind.Body.Bowl!

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