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How it works…

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Personalise Your Subscription

Choose exactly the treats that will help make your dog happier and healthier. No minimum spend required.

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Every Month

Your 1st Pack ships immediately. Your following Packs ship on the same date each month. Delivery only £2.49

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Great Treats

Easily amend your dog’s subscription to discover which treats she loves the most.  New treats added regularly.

Here’s what’s inside…

  • Healthy and nutritious dog treats chosen by you
  • BarkMail: A fun newsletter full of recipes, games and activities for you and your dog
  • VIP raffle ticket. Different prizes to be won every month.
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No junk promise

We are obsessive about the quality and type of dog treats we offer because we know how important nutritious ingredients are for your dog’s health. And there is just no point in feeding your dog great food and then rewarding her with awful, junk-laden treats!

We promise that every treat is made with yummy, wholesome ingredients and no junk:

  • No artificial colourants, flavours or preservatives
  • No chemicals
  • No added sugar
  • No mystery meats
  • No fillers
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3 reasons to try The Woof Pack

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1. It’s healthy

Healthy dog treats full of wholesome, purposeful, human-grade ingredients – nothing artificial ever. Helping your dog live a long, healthy and happy life.

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2. It’s convenient

Every month we ship your dog’s yummy treats right to your door.  Everyone will be excited when your Pack arrives plus you’ll never run out of treats again!  Delivery only £2.49.

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3. It’s flexible

Swap treats, skip months or stop deliveries anytime – only order what and when you want. It’s quick and easy to make changes. No commitments.

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Health Boosting Ingredients

All our dog treats have been chosen because they help dogs live healthier lives. They are full of wholesome and nutritious ingredients and have been made by amazing people who really care about the health and happiness of dogs. Each treat contains health boosting ingredients. Take our Fish and Glucosamine Crunchies for instance; they only contain 3 ingredients – redfish, glucosamine and dried herbs. Redfish is a lean protein packed full of Omega 3 oils and glucosamine helps support healthy hip and joint function.

If your pup doesn’t love the treats…

If there’s something in your 1st Pack that your dog really doesn’t like – we’ll fix it. We’ll replace the treats she doesn’t like and you can keep or donate the treats she’s not so keen on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the treats safe?
Absolutely. We are really cautious about our own pups’ health and completely understand the concern. We are meticulously committed to finding the healthiest, most wholesome and purposeful treats.
Why wouldn’t I just buy treats from a shop?

There’s nothing worse than getting ready to train your dog, reward her or say goodnight to your pup only to realise that you’ve forgotten to go to the shop for dog treats. That never happens to our subscribers. We keep them stocked up on healthy, wholesome and nutritious dog treats.  Plus, unlike the pet shops, we also send you a fun newsletter full of recipes, games and activities and every month you’ll be entered into the VIP prize draw.

Are there any initiation fees or cancellation fees or any other fees?

No. We don’t like fees any more than you do. You only have to pay for the treats you choose for your pooch and £2.49 for delivery.

Is it difficult to cancel?

No. You can cancel anytime for any reason with just a few clicks. We hope you’ll stay, but we never make it hard to leave.

What if I don’t feed my dog treats very often?

Don’t feed your dog treats that often?  Not a problem. You can pause deliveries for as long as you wish.

Have a question?

If we didn’t answer your questions above, feel free visit our Contact us page and send us a message