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Here’s a brief history of The Woof Works and what we’re all about today (hint: natural treats + convenience).  We make it easier for you to spoil + nourish your dog…

It started with Tiffin…

In 2014, my beautiful, sensitive and fluffy Bearded Collie puppy, Tiffin, was born.  In July 2014, we drove with her on my lap all the way from mid-Wales to Plymouth with us trying out different names on her.  Before we picked her up I was set on calling her Pod…  She spent the journey chewing on a raw bone given by the breeder – the first time I had seen a dog do this – crying because she missed her breeder and litter mates and sleeping.  At home, she met her ‘brother’ Duke, my boyfriend Rick’s rescue Springer Spaniel, who taught her all he knew.  She followed him everywhere, jumped on him, bit his tail and long ears, and snuggled up to sleep with him.  I got up with her in the middle of the night and started my days at 6 am so she could enjoy the early morning sunshine in the garden; I really enjoyed my first and only bit of responsibility.  

After spending hours talking to Tiffin’s breeder about feeding my new puppy a healthy diet, I became obsessed with finding Tiffin the right puppy food and treats.  Over the last 4/5 years, my obsession has become stronger; I love reading reviews on https://www.allaboutdogfood.co.uk/, analysing ingredients lists and talking to friends, family and people we meet on our walks about dog food and treats.  I hate the thought that tons of dogs are eating junk-filled treats because it’s not clear what’s in them and the manufacturers have used clever wording on the packaging. 

The difference between healthy and unhealthy treats…

I started The Woof Pack to help me shout about the big differences between healthy junk-free treats and unhealthy junk-laden treats.  Healthy treats contain whole-food ingredients such as whole named meats e.g. chicken as opposed to generic or unnamed sources such as ‘meat and animal derivatives’.  If healthy treats contain preservatives, they contain natural preservatives such as Vitamins C and E (also listed as mixed-tocopherols). Some healthy treats don’t contain any preservatives. 

Healthy treats do not contain chemical preservatives such as BHA, BHT, potassium sorbet, sodium nitrate, calcium propionate and ethoxyquin.  They don’t contain artificial colours which are totally unnecessary as dogs don’t care whether their treats are blue or brown.  Healthy treats do not contain propylene glycol which is the stuff that’s in antifreeze, and it’s toxic in large enough doses. Propylene glycol is used in some pet (and human!) foods to keep them moist and chewy.  I’ve written a couple of blogs about unhealthy treats here and here.

One of my pet peeves is the fact that so many dog food and treat manufacturers aren’t honest with us.  They cover up the true ingredients in their products with pretty packaging and clever wording.  The sad truth is, most commercial dog treat companies simply don’t care about your dog…but I’m so pleased that there are many companies who have decided to create healthy, nutritious, junk-free treats that I am super happy to feed Tiffin, recommend and sell through The Woof Works.  I get so excited when I stumble across new treats and am always on the lookout for more.  Dog treat producers who are as passionate about your dog’s health and happiness as you include Green and Wilds, The Innocent Pet, Denzels, JR Pet Products, Anco and Laughing Dog.  You can find their treats in The Woof Pack.


I love convenience!  Who doesn’t love things that save them time and make life easier?  I do my food shopping online from the comfort of my sofa, watch films when I want on Netflix, get next day delivery using Amazon Prime and listen to music on-the-go on Spotify.  In January 2018 my life became more full when I had my baby, Oscar, meaning convenience has become even more important (I’m now on the lookout for healthy ready meals…).

The Woof Pack combines my love for healthy dog treats and my need for convenience.  In a nutshell, The Woof Pack is a membership where healthy junk-free dog treats are delivered monthly. But it’s so much more than that…

There are Ready-Made Packs such as the Delicious Chicken, Best In Show and Active Dog Packs and there’s the option to Create Your Own Pack where you choose the treats you know your dog will love.  I promise that every treat is junk-free! I’ve analysed the ingredients list so you don’t have to (although you can if you wish).    

Every month you’ll receive the treats you’ve chosen for your dog so you don’t run out of your pup’s favourite treats and you don’t have to use your precious Saturday afternoon driving to the pet shop.  The Woof Pack is very flexible so if your dog loves variety you can change treats every month but if s/he is a creature of habit you can keep the same treats.  I promise that there’s nothing artificial in any of the treats.  There’s no chemicals, no added sugar, no mystery meats and no fillers.

You can also pause, cancel and change the date of your Woof Pack any time you wish.

If there’s anything you would like to know or think I might be able to help you with, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Warm wishes,

Rachael x x x