The Woof Works celebrates the simplicity of dogs,

the unconditional love between you and your dog, and

the ways in which dogs shape our lives.

Hi, I’m Rachael and my mischievous hound is Tiffin, my 3 year Bearded Collie.  Welcome to The Woof Works – a PAWfect place where you’ll find healthy dog treats, chews and supplements plus shortcuts, tips and boosters for you to use to help your dog live a long, happy and healthy life. 

A little history…

I started The Woof Works in 2014 under a completely different guise.  It was an online shop that sold ‘all things dog’ including beds, collars, leads, coats, shampoos, food, treats and toys.  I decided that it wasn’t for me because most of the stuff I sold was for us humans and not for our dogs.  I don’t think there’s a dog alive who cares whether her collar is purple or red… And although I love buying colourful and stylish stuff for Tiffin, it’s not my passion. 

My passions are seeing dogs and their owners loving life and helping owners in little ways so that they can do the best for their dogs in the ways that make them both happy.  As long as your dog is part of your family, there’s no right or wrong way to look after your dog!

Shortcuts, Tips + Boosters…

Doing the little things can make a big difference ~Yogi Berra

You’ll find shortcuts and tips in the Mind.Body.Bowl blog and boosters in the form of naturally healthy dog treats, chews and supplements in The Woof Pack.  The Woof Pack is a super-flexible subscription which you can continuously amend to make sure your dog is getting a variety of boosters every month or if you dog loves certain boosters, you can keep it exactly the same each month. Read more here>>> 

I believe that dogs want + need:

  1. Mental stimulation – dogs want to learn!
  2. A healthy body that’s fit + well 
  3. A healthy diet + the right nutrients

 And so the Mind.Body.Bowl blog was born.  Shortcuts + tips cover:

  • Mind – agility, play + games
  • Body – core stability + mobility
  • Bowl – commercial dog food & treats + topper recipes (toppers can add a variety of fresh nutrients to commercial foods)

Interested in how Mind.Body.Bowl evolved? Click here.  To go straight to the blog click here>>> 


Here, at The Woof Works it’s all about doing the things that make you and your dog happy.  I don’t have a huge amount of time but Tiffin and I love walking, learning to do agility together and snuggling up on the bed/sofa/swing seat (read: anywhere).  I can show you easy ways to make life with your dog a little easier and introduce new and different ways to look after your dog.  Pick and choose the shortcuts, tips + boosts that suit you and your dog.   There’s no right or wrong way to look after your dog.  It’s all about doing the things that make you and your dog happy. 

My Doggy Delights

Dogs loving life and enjoying their freedom. Dogs playing together. Watching and taking part in dog agility (amazing stuff!). Dogs chasing; who’s chasing who? Cuddles with any dog but especially Tiffin. Dogs exploring and excited to be outside. Laughing at mischievous dogs. Dogs doing jobs. The interaction between dogs – it’s fascinating! Living life like a dog.

My Doggy Dislikes

1. Low quality dog food manufacturers using clever marketing to deceive. 

2. The thought of dogs being home alone 9-5 everyday. 

3. Seeing overweight dogs. Dog’s aren’t emotional about food, we are!

4. Dogs wearing clothes/outfits (although I do love Ruffwear stuff :))

5. People buying dogs when they shouldn’t and then the pressure on others to adopt and rectify the mistakes. 

6. Severely judgemental comments on social media over people’s choices e.g. dog food. 

7. Dogs not allowed to be dogs. 

8. Seeing dogs struggling with stiff joints/arthritis. Dog’s get most of their enjoyment from movement and when they can’t do this it’s extremely sad. 

9. Aggressive people creating aggressive dogs and giving certain breeds a bad name. 

10. People not picking up after their dog! Yuck!

Living life like a dog

I try but often fail at living life like a dog.  Tiffin teaches me so so much that it makes me want to try harder at taking tips from her on how to live life.  I refuse to follow some of her tips like rolling in muck or chasing cats but others like living for the moment and trusting my instincts and not worrying about the things I can’t control, I want to fully embrace. 

I’ve made this for us so that we can remember some key tips from our dogs:

Some of my favourite dog books: