Dog Behaviour

Guidance and enrichment will help your dog live a completely fulfilled and confident life.  You don’t need to spend much time teaching and inspiring your dog.  By teaching your dog new skills, tricks and games you’ll be keeping her mind happy, active and sharp; your dog’s behaviour will reflect her happy state of mind.

January 2018 Raffle Prize!

This month’s prize is a squirrel dog toy!  What's more fun than chasing squirrels at the park? Chasing squirrels at home of course!  This is bound to become one of your best friend’s favourites, Outward Hound's lovable toys are durably designed with an...

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November 2017 Raffle Prize!

This month's prize is a fantastic Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Fetch Toy.  All you do is grab the squirrel by a paw and throw him like a flying disk.  His spinning feet will create visual excitement for both you and your dog, and the raised sides make him easy to pick up!...

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October 2017 Raffle Prizes!

October is the very first month of The Woof Pack and I'm very excited to say that The Woof Works - Tiffin and I - are donating the very first prize for the very first raffle.  This month there are two prizes for one raffle winner.  We've had a lot of fun choosing them...

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Why I Nearly Gave Up On Agility

In agility training, I’ve only ever written one goal and I failed to meet it even though I created a video telling people all about it and posted it in my agility club’s Facebook group.  Surely, that was the accountability I needed to meet my goal??  Unfortuantely, it...

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Through Your Dog’s Eyes

How to train your dog As you may have experienced training dogs doesn’t always go to plan…it isn’t straightforward…in fact, it can be really difficult and frustrating!  If training a dog were easy and every training session went to plan, we’d all have perfectly...

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10 Dog Jobs That Will Make Your Dog Happy

A dog's purpose Do you find that even after her daily walks your dog still has LOTS of energy? Is your dog hyperactive? Or does she often show signs of boredom such as excessively licking herself or chewing chair and table legs?  If yes, this may be because she is...

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Game On The Stairs

Do you ever run out of time to take your dog for a walk? Does your dog have a lot of energy? Try this fun indoor game with your dog on the stairs - it's called... 'game on the stairs'... 😉 Click the video below to...

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Dog Training And Your Voice

Has your dog stopped listening to you?  Your voice is a big consideration when your training your dog.  Try changing the tone of your voice and/or the words that you use. You might be surprised at the difference it makes. Click here to watch the video:

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Reflections In The Rain

Funnily Enough, I'm Not A Perfect Dog Owner... Today, I’m feeling very sorry for myself as I’m hungover and it’s raining!   I certainly don't feel like a model dog owner today.  Normally I’m out on the morning walk between 7 & 7.30 but I was still lying in bed with my...

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