How to look after a dog

Despite the fact that every dog is different and you could be looking after a puppy and a senior dog at the same time, it can be easy to look after dogs in relatively similar ways by spending a little time on their mind, body and bowl:

Are You Meeting Your Dog’s Nutritional Needs?

Since most dog foods state that they are ‘complete and balanced’ you would think that nutritional health supplements aren't necessary for your dog, wouldn't you? I mean I did, before I became OBSESSED with dog nutrition… BUT even the healthiest of natural organic dog...

Canine Arthritis: Prevention Is Better Than Cure!

Canine arthritis... Do you know the signs?  Do you know which breeds it can affect? Did you know that once canine arthritis becomes chronic the damage cannot be reversed? PREVENTION is definitely better than cure!  You need to prevent arthritis in your dogs so that...

5 Tips To Help You Care For Your Older Dog

Caring for an older dog can be hard.  Every dog is different and you're the one person who knows your dog best! I've discovered a lot about living with an older dog.  I've had to adapt in order to care for him properly; in the video I share 5 tips that may help you...

Are You Feeding Your Dog Sardines?

Sardines For Dogs! Sardines are an amazing nutrient rich food for our dogs and are super cheap - if you haven't fed them to your dog before, start with a small amount first to see if your dog can tolerate them. Click below to watch the video: What is The Woof Pack?...

Game On The Stairs

Do you ever run out of time to take your dog for a walk? Does your dog have a lot of energy? Try this fun indoor game with your dog on the stairs - it's called... 'game on the stairs'... 😉 Click the video below to watch:

Dog Training And Your Voice

Has your dog stopped listening to you?  Your voice is a big consideration when your training your dog.  Try changing the tone of your voice and/or the words that you use. You might be surprised at the difference it makes. Click here to watch the video: