Not all treats are created equal so how do you find the healthiest treats for your dog without compromising on flavour?  The easiest way is to check the ingredients list.  It’s ALL about the ingredients!

The ingredients list

Ingredients are listed on the label by weight; there is more of the first ingredient on the list present in the treat than the second ingredient, and so on.  The first few ingredients on the list are the most important as they make up the bulk of the product.

High quality ingredients

Look for whole food ingredients such as chicken, blueberries and oats.  The higher quality ingredients are the least processed meaning they contain the most nutrients  e.g.

  • venison is more nutritious than meat and animal derivatives;
  • salmon is healthier than fish derivatives, and
  • brown rice is more digestible than cereals. 


If a sweetener is used, it should be natural e.g. applesauce, molasses or honey are much better than anything artificial.


For the dog treats that contain flour, it’s best to avoid wheat-based flours such as white, wheat, all-purpose, cake and pastry flours as they can cause sensitivities in dogs.  Gluten-free flours like chickpea, split yellow pea, rice, almond and oat flours are more easily digestible.


If treats contain preservatives (not every treat does) natural preservatives are effective and safe e.g. tocopherols (vitamin E), citric acid (vitamin C), and rosemary extract.  Chemical preservatives aren’t safe and can cause dogs problems. 

Extra ingredients

Added vitamins such as A or E, Omega fatty acids, glucosamine and chondroitin are healthy ingredients and can boost your dog’s health. 

Ingredients to avoid:

  • sugar (read more about sugar here)
  • artificial (chemical) flavours, colours and preservatives (read more about them here)
  • unknown ingredients such as cereals, animal and meat derivatives and fish derivatives (read more about them here)


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