Health problems such as stiff joints, allergies, itchiness, bad breath and poor digestion are common in dogs but the good news is, prevention can be easy.  It can be as simple as feeding your dog a high-quality diet, taking your canine companion for regular checkups and feeding her a few natural dog treats.

Treats? Really? Eating treats can be a big no-no when it comes to our own health but high-quality functional dog treats are formulated with healthy ingredients that promote joint health, help maintain a healthy immune system, promote healthy skin and a shiny coat and help promote oral health and digestive health.  Quality is key though.

The Woof Pack – our flexible monthly dog treat box – offers your dog(s) some of the healthiest, tastiest and most natural dog treats that can be found in the world.  Below are the guidelines The Woof Works follows when choosing our treats, hopefully, they’ll help you when choosing treats for your dog.  

Specially selected natural ingredients

Every treat has its own unique blend of natural ingredients that have been specifically chosen for their nourishing and therapeutic properties.  For example, our Skin Soothe Paws contain seaweed and fenugreek which help calm dry, itchy skin and repel fleas. 

Packed full of premium ingredients

Our treats only contain the highest, most premium quality ‘good-for-your-dog’ ingredients including chicken, salmon, sweet potato, beetroot, coconut oil, turmeric, apple and spirulina. 

You won’t find any treats containing low-quality ingredients such as meat-by-products, fish derivatives or cereals.  Sadly, there’s an epidemic of low-quality dog treats containing low-quality ingredients in our shops and supermarkets. 

Always read the list of ingredients before buying treats for your pup!

Functional calories not empty calories

All our treats have a function…they’ve been created to supplement your dog’s nutrition.  Most dog treats ‘out there’ provide your dog with very little or no nutritional value because they contain empty calories from ingredients such as sugar, oils, fats and simple carbohydrates (think white rice, wheat, and corn).

Think of 100 calories of a donut vs. 100 calories of sautéed kale and sweet potatoes. They both provide the same number of overall calories, but the amount of nutrients they provide differs wildly.

When you feed our functional treats to your dog on a regular basis, your dog will benefit tremendously.  You can choose the right functional treats to target your dog’s specific needs:

Joint support
Dental hygiene
Digestion aid
Skin and coat support

No artificial anything

All the treats in The Woof Pack contain only wholesome nutrient-rich ingredients such as high-quality protein sources (chicken/whitefish), natural preservatives (vitamin E/citric acid) and wholesome fruit, veg, herbs and spices. 

No junk or artificial stuff has been added to any of our treats.

No sugar
No salt
No artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives
No ingredients that tend to cause allergies in dogs such as cereals, wheat, soy or corn


You can be assured that all our treats, including our chewing treats for natural teeth cleaning and gum strengthening, are safe.  You won’t find any cheap junk rawhides, jerky or cooked bones in The Woof Pack

Did you know that rawhide chews typically contain tons of chemicals, cooked bones can splinter and that “some imported jerky treats may cause kidney problems”?

Irresistibly tasty

Check out The Woof Pack to feast your eyes on our delectable dog treats which combine irresistibly tasty and natural ingredients to provide clever health benefits for your precious pup. 

All of our treats are great for everyday use as part of a balanced diet.   You’ll find beautifully baked stars, bite-sized snacks that are perfect dog training treats, natural chewing treats and deliciously meaty sausages.  There’s something for every kind of dog. 

It pays to be choosy about your dog’s treats.  The right treats can really help keep your dog younger for longer.  In addition to training time, enrichment activities and treating your dog at bedtime, it’s a great opportunity to provide a little extra (tasty) nutrition! 

What's good about The Woof Pack?

1. You'll find training rewards and treats for all occasions.
2. Unlike other subscription boxes, you get to choose the treats your dog wants and needs.  No surprises = no waste.
3. It's super flexible.  Each month you can quickly and easily choose new flavours or try new treats.
4. Your Woof Pack automatically renews so you never need to worry about running out of your dog's treats.
5. You'll get FREEBIES just for being in The Woof Pack club: free entry to the monthly prize draw and a free monthly newsletter called BarkMail which contains games, recipes and useful tips.
6.  You are NOT contracted into The Woof Pack.  You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

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