Old dog arthritis

Arthritis is a common problem for older dogs; it is likely that the type of arthritis they develop is primary osteoarthritis which is a result of general wear and tear on the joints. The cartilage that cushions joints wears down and the bones start rubbing against each other.  As the condition worsens, the friction can wear down and damage the bones causing the dog a lot of pain every time they move.

Senior dogs can also suffer from secondary osteoarthritis if they have or have had an injury or a condition such as hip dysplasia which has either not been diagnosed and thus left untreated or is a relatively recent problem.

Additionally, an old dog’s immune system is usually not as strong and doesn’t work quite as efficiently compared to younger dogs which makes them more susceptible to immune-mediated polyarthritis.

Diagnosis Is Important!

A vet can determine the type and severity of arthritis a dog has by using a combination of a medical history, blood tests, X rays, physical exams, and, if needed, tests on the fluid inside the joint.

So, When Does A Dog Hit Senior Status?

Most dogs are considered to be senior between 7 and 10 years of age, with large/giant breeds becoming seniors earlier than smaller breeds.

Arthritis Or Just Stiffness?

Stiffness and tightness may be caused by muscle shortening rather than by arthritis.  Stiff dogs often have perfectly normal joints but their muscles are contracted and inflexible meaning they are slow, weak, and have difficulties getting up and moving.

Stiffness is also a sign of arthritis so the first step is a proper diagnosis.

If your dog is suffering from stiffness, continued activity is important.  Working to keep up your dog’s muscle mass through activity can help provide stability and flexibility to joints.  Low-impact exercise is best, such as walks and swimming.  Even with very old dogs, the longer a dog can stand up and walk, even for very brief periods, the better her muscle tone and strength will remain.

Senior Dogs Are Less Active & Have Slower Metabolisms

Senior dogs are at the opposite end of the spectrum from puppies – they have much less energy and much slower metabolisms.  To avoid excessive weight gain, special care should be taken to adjust their food intake according to their activity level.

Making Life Easier

Arthritis treatments are generally the same for dogs of any age.  Depending on the dog, senior dogs, may require a heightened level of care, attention and patience and may like to be kept more comfortable so a little extra warmth and padding can help them get a better nights sleep.

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